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开云客户端app下载| Making flying better for the environment 让航行更环保

2023-11-11 00:12:05

航空业经常被指责是造成气候变化的原因之一。航行确实会发生碳排放,不外人们正在研发能让乘坐飞机变得越发环保的新技术。“随身英语” 围绕这些新技术,以及它们是否足以资助淘汰污染展开讨论。

Vocabulary: aviation 词汇:航空Flying has shrunk the world! It’s now possible to travel around the globe quickly and easily. Jumping on a plane and jetting off on holiday or a business trip is the norm for many of us, and with the rise of budget airlines, the number of people taking to the skies is increasing. But while air travel is costing us less, the cost to the environment is going up.Climate change is something we’re all aware of now, and aviation companies know that some of the blame for this is being pointed at them. Last year commercial airlineswere forecasted to use about 97bn gallons of jet fuel. But while we could think twiceabout taking a flight in the first place, particularly a short-haul trip that could be made by train, technology might be the answer to reducing emissions and minimising the environmental damage.Recent developments have focussed on reducing the amount of fuel airliners burn. Making flying green and sustainable was the hot topic at the recent Dubai Air Show. There was talk of advances in engine technology, making them more efficient, and possibly using biofuel to power aircraft. Alejandro Rios Galvan, a bioenergy expert and professor at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, told the BBC that "these have the capacity to reduce the carbon footprint anywhere between 50-80% when you compare them to fossil (fuels)." And Phil Curnock, chief engineer of the civil future programme at Rolls-Royce, also suggested that electric hybrid engines could play a part for smaller aircraft, covering shorter distances. He says "it offers the possibility of a carbon-neutral flight for a limited range."Being carbon neutral is the ultimate goal for the aviation industry, and one British airline, Easyjet, has recently said it would become the world's first major net zero carbon airline by offsetting carbon emissions.Of course, aircraft manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to make their planes more fuel efficient. Boeing’s Dreamliner, for example, is already in operation and uses 25 per cent less fuel per passenger compared with aircraft of a similar size. Other improvements include better aircraft aerodynamics, changes to ways aircraft taxi on runways, and the use of lighter materials.But if we can’t kick the flying habit, it seems these are the developments we need to make in order to ensure air travel is as green as possible. But aviation experts agree it’s going to take time. We’re left with short-term action such as taxing flights, regulation or protest – or being grounded and not flying at all.词汇表jet off 乘飞机旅行budget airline 廉价航空take to the skies 飞上蓝天climate change 气候变化aviation companies 航空公司commercial airline 商业航空公司jet fuel 航空煤油think twice 仔细思量short-haul 短途的emission 排放airliner 大型客机sustainable 可连续的engine 发送机biofuel 生物燃料carbon footprint 碳足迹electric hybrid engines 混淆动力发念头carbon neutral 碳平衡的manufacturer 制造商aerodynamics 空气动力学taxi (飞机)在地面滑行grounded (人)不出门的,(飞机)停飞的。